My Philosophy


I greatly enjoy helping people of all ages learn how to play the piano and/or sing well. Whatever style of music you are interested in, I would like to help you learn it correctly, painlessly,and rapidly. I understand that work or school may take up much of your time, and the last thing you want to do is practice for hours. Perhaps you think that you don't have enough time to master an instrument.

Well, here is some great news! I strive to make piano and/or voice lessons an enjoyable weekly event for all my students, and I will help you to develop the necessary skills to practice effectively and learn your favorite music quickly.  I firmly believe that the foundations of any learned skill must be solid to support it's proper growth, especially if one wishes to maintain and cultivate that skill over a lifetime.

Learning to play the piano or learning how to sing are such great skills to possess! Each skill has provided my soul with immense joy and satisfaction as I'm able to express myself to others through music! However,these skills do require careful guidance in all stages of education to ensure healthy habits, as poor habits learned in early stages may be difficult to correct in the future. Therefore it is paramount to me to provide my students with the best instruction possible at any level or ability. A strong foundation will ensure great music to follow.