“Bring out the Artist in You”


Professional Piano & Voice Lessons


Packaged lessons are great for:

  • A trial basis (they don't require a 30 day notice to cancel lessons)
  • Students who cannot attend weekly lessons
  • They make great gifts for friends or family members
  • Brushing up on technique or learning some of the basics



Meet the Teacher:

If you are interested in purchasing a package please email me 
and introduce yourself and tell me a little about what you are looking to improve or learn in private coaching. If you are aware of your limitations or know what you need to work on, please include that as well. Feel free to share any other details that you find important for me to get to know you and best know how to serve you. 

Before starting lessons, each packaged student will need to register online and arrange payment. 


Email: theivorykeys.musicstudio@gmail.com





Missed Lessons/Makeups: Missed lessons are not the responsibility of the teacher.  There are no makeups for missed lessons. If a student cannot attend their lesson in person because of an illness or other emergency, they may skype or facetime as a substitute at the lesson time. The student may also have someone else attend their lesson slot if they cannot attend.  Lessons should be a priority for the parent and student.  On occasion I might need to reschedule a lesson. These occasions are rare, however, I will be as flexible as I possibly can.  Refunds are not given under any arrangements.  

Promptness: Please arrive at lessons a couple of minutes early The door will be open. Please come in as quietly as possible so as not to disturb a lesson in progress. Please also be on time to pick up your child after the lesson time is through. Time missed at the beginning due to tardiness cannot be made up. 


*Performances: Recitals will be scheduled throughout the year. I encourage you to support your child in preparing for the recitals and in attending all the recitals. There will be two recitals, one in the Spring and one in the Fall--These recitals usually fall in May and November. Occasionally we might have an optional Christmas recital. In order to perform in a recital each students must register for online. 



* $25 participation fee per student 

Practice: Required time of practice will vary between students.  A general rule is that the student should practice (a minimum of 5 days weekly) for the amount of time they have a lesson in the studio.  In addition to the importance of practice time is practice quality. Sometimes a student will not understand the difference between playing the piano and practicing. As the teacher, I will teach good practicing habits and ensure that each student understands how to implement them. 




A music education at The Ivory Keys Music Studio is an investment of time and resources that will positively impact the student for their entire lifetime.  The skills, discipline, self-mastery, and focus they will be taught at the studio are priceless. 

Tuition Includes the Following:

  • Private Lessons
  • Master Classes - with teachers approval
  • The Teacher’s time and investment in the student’s musical development both in and outside of lessons. 
  • The overall music experience


         Music Tuition Packages:


4 - 30 minute Lessons - $200

4 - 45 minute Lessons - $225

4 - 60 minute Lessons - $300

6 - 45 minute Lessons - $325   

6 - 60 minute Lessons - $425

Other Fees:
Recital Fee per student $25
Interview/audition $40 for 30 minutes, $50 for 45 minutes    


* Packages must be purchased before 1st lesson. Package expires 3 months from date purchased.                         



As a teacher, I am here to serve your needs and make your investment worthwhile. The method is proven. I believe my responsibility is to teach and to motivate. The student’s  responsibility is to listen and to apply the principles.  Finally, the parent’s responsibility is to encourage consistent and effective practice. We will then have great success in the developing of the student's talent in which I hope will give many years of satisfaction to the student. 


By purchasing a package in The Ivory Keys Music Studio each student is agreeing to this policy and is required to abide by it.