Studio Policy



The audition/interview is a friendly and non-stressful way for the teacher to get to know each aspiring student. Each ambitious student is required to attend an audition/ interview with the teacher in order to be considered into the studio. Students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent(s). The purpose of the audition/interview is to assess the student’s natural ability, ear, behavior, personality, and interest in music. It is also a time for the teacher to speak with the parent(s) of the student to assess if the parent(s) understands the expectations, discipline, and focus that is needed to help their child be successful and have a positive music experience. 


If a student is a beginner, they do not need to prepare anything for the audition/interview for the teacher to hear. Continuing students should come prepared to play a piece of music, some technique, and be open to doing some ear training and sight-reading. 


Following the audition/interview, the teacher may or may not accept a student into their teaching studio. Students or parents will be notified by email regarding their admission status. 

*$40 fee for 30 minutes, $50 fee for 45 minutes 







Lessons are held weekly throughout the year with the exception of holidays. Lessons are taught in time slots of 1 hour, 45 minutes, or 30 Minutes.  Lesson length is determined by the teacher, not the student or parent.  This ensures that the student progresses in a consistent manner for their level.   


Lessons are based on four-week months for twelve months. (12X4=48).  Since there are 52 weeks in a year, I will have four weeks in the year in which I will not teach. Vacation weeks will be scheduled in advance. They usually occur during Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The payment for each month will remain the same.



We will not have lessons the weeks of : (these might change)


Spring:  Usually in March

Summer: One week

Thanksgiving: the week of

Christmas: at least one week, sometimes I'll swap out a Spring/Summer vacation. 


Master Classes:  Master Classes will be held the during the school year only. These will be the months of September through the month of May, with the exception of December. The schedule is below for the school year. Some months will have 3 private lessons and a master class, and some may have 2 private lessons and a master class .(Holiday months) 


In a Master Class, each student will have the chance to interact with students of the same age or level.  These lessons will also include theory, technique, and history, and on occasion tests will be given to assess the student's progress and retention. Students will learn how to work in an ensemble (working with other musicians to make music, which will include the skills that are needed for accompanying.) This is a very important skill to have in the professional world, since most professional music is a collaboration of musicians. Even if a student's career doesn't include being a professional musician, they will still benefit from these skills.  These classes serve a purpose that private lessons cannot and they are extremely valuable in shaping a musician.


In this setting, a student also learns how to think critically about music, they are motivated by their peers to progress (as it brings a new level of accountability), they gain a sense of unity in the studio, and they also learn what their strengths and weaknesses are. This helps them to understand themselves more fully and will also help them if they wish to teach in the future. 


Students who do not come prepared for master class may forfeit their chance to perform. Please notify me in advance if your child will not be able to attend class. There are no makeups for missed Master Classes, however on occasion the student is welcome to come to another class if they let me know at least a week in advance. This gives me the adequate time to organize my schedule and make sure that each student in the studio gets the opportunity to come to a well prepared and organized class. These occasions should be rare, if a student is consistently not able to come to a Master Class, they need to discuss changing their Master Class time with me as soon as they know. 


Master Class Schedule: I will let you know more information once they are scheduled. 


*Missed Lessons/Makeups: Missed lessons are not the responsibility of the teacher. I will allow 2 make ups per trimester during the school year. These makeup should be for emergency purposes only.  I will only allow a makeup if a parent/student gives me at least a 48 hour notice. In order to cancel your lesson, you will need to do so by accessing the online calendar.Make-ups must be completed within the semester of the missed lesson.  There are no makeups for missed makeup lessons or missed Master Classes.


Lessons should be a priority for the parent and student.  If for some reason the scheduled lesson time isn’t working, please talk to me about rescheduling to a new time.  On occasion I might need to reschedule a lesson. These occasions are rare, however, I will be as flexible as I possibly can.  Refunds are not given under any arrangements

* $20 reschedule fee for 30 minutes, $30 for 45 minutes, and $35 for hour lessons to be paid before lesson can be scheduled.


Summer schedule: Those students planning on taking in the fall will need to continue lessons through the summer trimester in order to hold their slot. I realize that there may be conflicts with vacations. I will be more flexible in the summer as far as makeups go, but all makeups must be finished by August 31st. I still require at least 24 hour notice in order to have a makeup lesson and there is a small fee required to schedule a makeup lesson. If a student leaves the studio during the summer with the intent to return, please contact me when you are available to resume lessons and I will try to fit you in or put you on a waiting list.


Promptness: Please arrive at lessons a couple of minutes early having washed your hands and prepared for your lesson. The door will be open. Please come in as quietly as possible so as not to disturb a lesson in progress. Please also be on time to pick up your child after the lesson time is through. Time missed at the beginning due to tardiness cannot be made up. 


*Performances: Recitals will be scheduled throughout the year. I encourage you to support your child in preparing for the recitals and in attending all the recitals. I will let you know when the recitals are scheduled. There will be two recitals, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. These recitals usually fall in May and November. Occasionally we might have an optional Christmas recital. 




Steinway Gallery 

$50 recital fee per student 

Practice: Required time of practice will vary between students.  A general rule is that the student should practice (a minimum of 5 days weekly) for the amount of time they have a lesson in the studio.  If a student is repeatedly unprepared for lessons, they will be put on probation.  So as to not waste your time and money, as well as my time, students who do not practice will not be able to continue lessons. In addition to the importance of practice time is practice quality. Sometimes a student will not understand the difference between playing the piano and practicing. As the teacher, I will teach good practicing habits and ensure that each student understands how to implement them. 


I require beginning students to be supervised, both in practice and in lesson, by the parent. During the lesson, the parent(s) of young students will also need to pay attention and take notes for the child.


Discontinuing Lessons:

I require 30 days notice if a student decides to discontinue lessons. Please give me notice in person, in writing or by phone. 




A music education at The Ivory Keys Music Studio is an investment of time and resources that will positively impact the student for their entire lifetime.  The skills, discipline, self-mastery, and focus they will be taught at the studio are priceless. 

 Tuition Includes the Following:

Private Lessons- performance, technique, theory, sight reading, music history lessons

Master Classes

The Teacher’s time and investment in the student’s musical development both in and outside of lessons. 

The overall music experience


Payment for lessons is done by Trimester. These payments are due in the months of  January, April, July, and October. Tuition may either be given as one separate check or as  four separate checks postdated the 5th of each month. If a student is paying monthly installments, all other fees are due the first month of each new semester.  (Cash is acceptable as well). This method ensures that your lesson time is spent on education instead of finances. Payments not made before the 5th of each new trimester month will result in a $35 late fee. Please make checks payable to The Ivory Keys Music Studio. Monthly Tuition remains the same year-round regardless of scheduling conflicts, illnesses, holiday breaks or vacations. The exception is for students who are entering the studio for the first time, who might start on a week other than the first week of the month. 





2021 Music Tuition Rates:

30 minute lessons
$65 interview
$300 4 lessons
$560 8 lessons
$780 12 lessons

45 minute lessons
$75 interview
$360 4 lessons 
$680 8 lessons
$960 12 lessons

60 minutes lessons
$90  interview
$125 single lesson
$440 4 lessons 
$800 for 8 lessons 
$1040 for 12 lessons 


Annual registration fee $50 per student per year ( pro-rated for students who don't start in  September) 
Recital fee $50 per student, paid before registering

Makeup fees - $20 for 30 minutes, $30 for 45 minutes
$35 for 1 hour



As a teacher, I am here to serve your needs and make your investment worthwhile. The method is proven. I believe my responsibility is to teach and to motivate. The student’s  responsibility is to listen and to apply the principles.  Finally, the parent’s responsibility is to encourage consistent and effective practice. We will then have great success in the developing of the student's talent in which I hope will give many years of satisfaction to the student. 




By accepting a slot in The Ivory Keys studio you are accepting the terms and conditions of this policy.  Student and parents are required to abide by this policy or risk dismissal from the studio.