• Adopting a Piano : Want a piano? Check out this site, but talk to me about it.
  • American Youth Symphony : free tickets for those who reserve tickets in advance.
  • From the Top : From the Top celebrates the energy of America's kids and the power of classical music through NPR and PBS broadcasts, live events, education programs, and more.
  • Jazz Kids : JazzKids®, created by Berklee College of Music graduate Willie Myette, creates method books that show beginning improvisers how to improvise at the piano
  • Majoring in Music : a website designed for those interested in pursuing a music degree.
  • Music training has biological impact on aging process : Science article about the benefits of Piano
  • Piano Tuner : Looking for a certified piano tuner?
  • Sight-Reading : Sight Reading Practice : Note Reading practice-all levels Say & Play
  • Symphony Based Website : This very animated and fun website introduces kids to the orchestra but also has sections on theory basics and composers.
  • Symphony Based Website : Great graphics and fun games-like the clarinet scavenger hunt-make this New York Philharmonic website great, especially for instrumental students.
  • Teoria-Music Theory Web : Music theory help. Rhythmic notation and music articles.
  • Theory Lessons : : 46 Theory lessons
  • Theory Lessons: : Basic Theory of piano. This may help parents to understand the theory more fully.
  • World Music : World Music For Children