Success Stories




"Our two sons both were fortunate to have Franchesca as their teacher for a number of years; both have a lasting appreciation for music and have fond memories of the lessons. My favorite time of year was to attend the recitals - here you could see each year as all the students of various skill levels progressed, and the performances all made a very emotional impact; played with the heart. Franchesca is flexible with each student; seeking out what the students enjoy most, yet still moving along a path that allows them to grow - a path tailored to each student. She is very skilled at having a close working relationship with the students, keeping them motivated and making progress in a lighthearted and cheerful way. Franchesca loves music and performance, and she also happens to be a very skilled teacher."

-Randy D.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have had this amazing opportunity of being your student for these last couple of years. I have learned so much while working with you and I'd like to say that 90% of my 
improvement in my musical abilities comes from you. You have always been so inspiring and persistent, you're always pushing me to be better, and that has helped me improve so much. Thank you for all the time and effort you spent in helping me grow, I can't thank you enough. You are a wonderful teacher and an amazing example. 

-Carrie J.


Franchesca is a fantastic piano teacher who helped me progress in so many different aspects of music. One of my favorite qualities of hers is the ability to teach the beauties of artistry as well as the importance of technique. She encourages her students to be creative and express themselves as they play music. She also teaches valuable playing techniques in creative ways and motivates students to practice them.. As a teacher, Franchesca has the amazing ability to influence her students' love of music. It is so wonderful to watch as students of hers begin to love music more and more as they progress. In order to ensure that her students really understand concepts, she will make different approaches that are personal and that really make sense to the individual. Having worked hard and put forth tremendous amounts of effort, Franchesca has earned professional music degrees which have given her excellent teaching skills. Her own learning experiences provide her with invaluable teaching skills. Above all, Franchesca has a deep, genuine love for the students that she teaches. She has a strong desire to see them progress as musicians and is willing to help them in any way. Her deep love for music encourages her students and influences their education. Taking piano lessons from her has blessed my journey as a musician in countless ways..” 

-Jessica W.


" I started taking piano lessons from Franchesca  two and a half years ago and probably have the distinction of being her oldest student. I am a music teacher in an elementary district with a BA in music and a teacher's certificate in music education.  I have played the flute all my life and have studied under many great private teachers.  I have to say that Franchesca is one of the best teachers that I have had. I had decided that I wanted to improve my (very minimal) piano skills and that the best way was to take private lessons.  I came to Franchesca as a trained musician but she pushed me farther.  She taught me to think more musically and push myself to reach my musical goals.  As a teacher, she had just the right balance of encouragement and insistence on improvement.  She had wonderful suggestions for how to improve technique and how to practice to overcome the challenges in the music.  I learned so much about piano technique but I also learned to express myself musically with the piano and I learned to love playing the piano.  She gave me a gift that I can enjoy every day as I play my piano.
I have seen Franchesca work with all ages- from four years old to teenager to older students.  I know that she is very skilled and comfortable with any age student. I can highly recommend Franchesca as a great piano teacher.  I will miss having the opportunity to study with her and wish her all the best."

-Linda A  


Franchesca is a fantastic piano teacher.  I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a piano teacher that has a passion and love for the piano and music.  Her methods of teaching were amazing and my kids caught on very quickly.  I was very impressed, especially with my youngest (5) never having any learning of the piano. She caught on very quickly. If you are looking for someone that focuses on not only playing music but also learning the theory and technique, I highly recommend Franchesca, she is AMAZING!!"

-Sariah C.


"Franchesca is an exceptional pianist and vocal coach.  She has been trained by Brazil concert pianist, Caio Pagano, (see his website) , Dr. Hamilton,  and Robert Hanilton of Arizona State University.

She teaches fabulous piano technics that pianist usually aren't taught until the college level.  Besides learning how to read music and develop rhythm,  your child will learn how to strenghen their fingers, use arm weight, phrase music,  create beautiful tones, learn music theory, how scales and chords are made, history about composers, how to transpose and write music, and much much more.......   She was raised In a very musical family and began teaching piano around 5th grade.  She has a lot of experience working with children and her fun personality is loved by all her students.  

If you want your child to become a wonderful musician, you should meet with Franchesca for an audition.  I wish that I would have had a teacher like her when I was young.  Many bad habits could have been avoided and my musical progress enhanced more quickly.  You and your child will learn in 3 months what others take years to learn.

It is my privilege to have worked with Franchesca.  She is a talented pianist and vocalist.  Be sure to have her play and sing for you.  You will ENJOY!"

-Gina B.


"Franchesca is an AMAZING piano teacher.  Her Love of music is shared with her students.  Her way of teaching all the little tricks(technique) to make the songs sound just smooth and clean,  Our family has been with Franchesca for many years and have been blessed with her talent.  She includes the study of music theory which makes the student have an even stronger background.  Franchesca is blessed with perfect pitch and has a Beautiful voice.  I have seen her work with children of all ages and she does so with great patience and kindness!  I know that anyone lucky to study with her will advance far."

-Rachel B.


"Franchesca is a fantastic piano teacher. She gives college level technique and theory so students learn everything very thoroughly and play beautifully. She motivates and helps students perfect their music so they get the most out of each piece. She has great passion for music and passes that on to her students. I highly recommend her studio because she has inspired me to better myself and has taught me technique and theory that has made me an all around better musician."

-Raechel F.


"Franchesca is an amazingly talented piano teacher! She is so inspiring and taught me everything I need to know for my future career as a musician. Out of all the piano teachers I have encountered, Franchesca is by far the best! You get what you pay for!  She teaches you every detail about music. She gets to know the person for who they are to better their music education experience. I have never seen someone more passionate at what they do. She has fabulous piano techniques. She teaches you everything there is to know about the piano and being a musician; such as phrasing, posture, scales, arpeggios, dynamics, technique, theory, tone, rhythm, learning about composers and more! She pours her heart into every student! I would not be the musician I am today without her."

-Sarah L.

“Franchesca is the best piano teacher I could have ever asked for! She helped me to push myself and achieve goals faster than I ever imagined. With Franchesca I learned a variety of techniques and tricks that helped to make learning piano easier, faster, and more fun. She focuses on not only playing the piano, but playing the piano beautifully. She never let me get away with sloppy technique or playing without passion. Not only was she good at what she did, but she also made it fun! I will always remember Franchesca as a huge mentor and friend."

-Jacob V.


                                                                                                                                                                             “We have enjoyed immensely studying piano with Franchesca. My eight year old son adores her and she has been wonderful in inspiring and motivating him to learn and grow. Her studio environment is professional yet fun and while her expectations are high for her students, she nurtures their talent and pushes for greatness. Franchesca is a gifted teacher and musician and we feel blessed to have been able to study with her."

-Molly S.

"My 7 year old  daughter is so blessed to have the opportunity to learn piano from Franchesca  for the past year. We have been fortunate to have a teacher that is so enthusiastic and passion about teaching and truly cares about motivating her students to achieve their full potential. They quality of teaching she provides is priceless and it is reflected in the technique, grace, poise, that she instills in each student from the very beginning. It's encouraging to sit in on lessons and witness how well she interacts with my daughter and I enjoy listening to her as she sings and plays duets. As a result of working with Franchesca my daughter has gained confidence and skills to continue with piano for many years to come. We are so grateful to be part of Franchesca's studio." 

-Melody C